Learn to Waterski

Make the most of learning to Waterski at the UK’s leading waterski provider. We operate over 3 separate secluded lakes with the experience and equipment to coach complete beginners to competitive pro’s.

Learning to waterski at Thorpe Lakes guarantees to get you off to a great start. One to one individual tuition on the water provides a calm, private and safe environment for you to learn.

We teach everyone from the age of 6 and up with qualified and experienced coaches on hand to guide you every step of the way. All the equipment that you may need will be provide on the day so all you need to bring is a towel and swimming costume and there is plenty of room in the boat for friends and family coming to watch!

It is important that you are provided with enough water time in your first sessions to achieve a reasonable level of success, therefore we book all beginners onto our 15 minute multi session programs with 15 minute breaks between each session.

*All watersking is owned and operated by The Arena Club whilst marketed by Thorpe Lakes. 


 One to one expert tuition in a relaxed private environment

Take a look at a typical beginner boat experience.
Suitable for 6+. Best for group sizes of 1-5 people. Session lasts between 45-90 minutes.



2×15 minute lessons.

Session lasts 45 mins.

For children under 16 we recommend x2 15 minute sessions with 15 minutes in between.

All Week: £57.
July & August: £59.


3×15 minute lessons.

Session lasts 75 minutes.

For adults or children over 16 we believe you will benefit from an additional 15 minutes and have the strength and stamina to do so.

Weekday: £79.
Weekend: £84.


6×15 minute lessons, rotating through the group.

Session lasts 90 minutes.

Recommended for 3-5 people depending on who makes up your group. You will all be able to head out in the boat with your instructor enjoying lessons and rotating out on the water.

Weekday: £159
Weekend July/August: £174


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